What is the Nortec UL60?

The networkable UL60 is a charging, discharging and maintenance device for the professional capacity measurement of aircraft, rail and UPS batteries. Rechargeable NiCd, lead and lithium batteries can be optimally maintained with individual programs.

All programs can be selected menu guided via console. Main feature is the capacity test. Focuses of the new UL60 are process optimizations and reliability of aircraft batteries maintenance to comply with manufacturer‘s maintenance manuals.    

Our know-how is YOUR advantage

  • YOU can maintain all standard market aircraft batteries in your battery shop
  • YOU can charge and discharge with constant current (0.1 to 60A)
  • FULLY compliant to manufacturers CMM‘s
  • PROCESS SHORTENING and IMPROVEMENT OF MEASURING ACCURACY by tailored battery adapter for automatic single cell measurement
  • ONE DEVICE – no additional software or hardware required:
    – Pre installed programs – can be extended at any times
    – Softwareupdate by user
  • 32 KG only due to state of the art electronics – no winding transformers!
  • CALIBRATE your UL60 by yourself with PG-UL60 (optional)
  • GETTING high quality made in Germany
  • NSN: 6625-12-398-1233 (UL60)


  • Since 1978, Nortec Electronics is a global provider of complete solutions for battery charging systems and power supplies.
  • Individual solutions in permanent contact with the customer and in close cooperation with the battery suppliers.
  • Our aim is to assure the permanent fitness of operation of your batteries at any time.
UL60 with battery adapter

The right equipment for YOUR specific application

Output (charge/discharge)0.5 - 40VDC / 0.5 - 60A0.5 - 40VDC / 0.5 - 60A0.5 - 40VDC / 0.5 - 35A
Automatic cell measurement adapter
Ethernet 10BASE-T (RJ45)
for external laser printer and remote monitoring
USB 2.0 - for data logging
Integrated printer
Weight (without charging cables)32 kg32 kg32 kg